A big milestone

15 Jan

IMG_1301Fletcher – The pace of life has meant that I’ve missed opportunities to tell you about so many firsts in your world. First words, first time you clapped or waved, first Christmas, first birthday. But I am not letting it prevent me from telling you about the first time you walked. Because that – more than anything else – is a sign that you’re transitioning from a baby to a little boy.

It happened yesterday when I picked you up from school. We had seen you take a step or two here and there, but they didn’t seem coordinated or deliberate. It was more like you got lucky that your legs moved under you as you fell forward. But yesterday, Fletcher, you did it and you meant to do it.

I had you in my arms as I collected your jacket and cups and everything else. You saw one of your favorite ladies, Ms. Sunti, walking by the classroom. I don’t know if you motioned to her or if your eyes just drew her in, but she put down her stuff, opened the door and came in to see you. She knew you were right on the cusp of taking real steps, so she stopped a few feet short of us and held out her arms. I set you down on your feet, and you weebled and wobbled until finally finding your balance. Then you found your courage and took one wide-legged step after another all the way to Ms. Sunti. Five steps! Then she turned you around and you took four more back to me before crashing at my feet.

Ms. Sunti, Ms. Anysia (your afternoon teacher) and I celebrated like you had won Olympic gold. I swear Ms. Anysia almost cried; she has a soft spot for you, and I think she felt almost as proud as I did. It was such a special moment, and it was just so cool to see you in control of your body.

Of course, now I’m planning to discourage a repeat by sweeping the legs every time you try again. I might be able to keep up with you, but I’d never be able to keep up with the destruction you create as you move from room to room. You literally leave a path, like a tornado, as you navigate through our home. I cringe to think at how that destruction will be amplified when you’re a full walker.

And for your one-year stats:
Weight – 24 lbs, 14.5 oz | 92nd percentile
Head circumference – 48.25 cm |95th percentile
Length – 28.5 inches | 7th percentile

One of those things is not like the others!


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